Subodh Ghimire
The Artist

Subodh Ghimire grew up with passion in fine art paintings throughout his childhood and teenage. He lives and works in Kathmandu, Nepal. He switched his style from fine art to abstract art when he realized the importance of creativity referencing inner beauty of the nature. He believes now that the social interactions can more be freely expressed through various abstract means. He, being self-taught as an artist, is titled by some of his artist friends in France as a "Pure Artist". He does paintings, which look unique created under freedom of concepts having meaningful theme of the nature and science.

Subodh possesses natural painting ability. He is enormously passionate towards art, though he studied science and professionally joined Police service before he did master in Conflict & Peace, and have done research on variation in expressions of artists’ artworks created in pre- and post-conflict scenarios - that led him to establish a notion that an artist not only expresses his perspectives but also opinions and views of the society as a whole.

His paintings are exhibited in prestigious art galleries in France and sold out more than 70% each time. He has participated several group exhibitions with senior artists in France. Besides, he has started extending his exhibitions with other international artists to share his uniqueness in paintings and to exchange contemporary ideas that could lead contemporary paintings towards a new direction. And in this course, he exhibited some of his paintings with some senior popular Chinese artists in Nepal in November 2014 organized by the UN ECOSOC.

Subodh’s paintings have always become major attractions when he does joint exhibitions with other artists in France. More interestingly, more than art-lovers, artists are found to be buying and collecting Subodh's artworks.

Subodh does not believe in sticking in certain pattern or series for longer time. That is why usually his paintings vary in terms of form, color-combination, style and technique, and even concept of art itself. He believes, "I try to create in total freedom on canvas after getting vibrations and feeling from the inner nature and its components. Before doing paintings, I love to study the nature based on science to get closer to the facts on various subject areas of my interest. But I don't keep them in mind while playing with strokes or pouring colors on a canvas. I just feel their vibrations in my mind and body."

Today, Subodh's artwork is a bold mix of interactive colors or with just a plane and cool color with styles conceptually ranging from nature's inner beauty to human expression of emotions.

Subodh is doing paintings on Buddha with all vibrations he has been receiving while studying about Buddha; when he sit on logs or walk around in the place where Buddha was born and grew up and while looking at the nature that Buddha saw throughout his childhood and adult life.



 Mr. Surendra Gautam, art Exhibitor in France

 Ms. Sadhana Ghimire Bhetuwal, art critique and spouse of the artist

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